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Review Article|01 Jun 2019|OPEN
Advances in research on the carrot, an important root vegetable in the Apiaceae family
Feng Que1, Xi-Lin Hou1, Guang-Long Wang1,2, Zhi-Sheng Xu1, Guo-Fei Tan1, Tong Li1, Ya-Hui Wang1, Ahmed Khadr1,3 & Ai-Sheng Xiong1,
1State Key Laboratory of Crop Genetics and Germplasm Enhancement, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Key Laboratory of Biology and Germplasm Enhancement of Horticultural Crops in East China, College of Horticulture, Nanjing Agricultural University, 1 Weigang, 210095 Nanjing, China
2School of Life Science and Food Engineering, Huaiyin Institute of Technology, 223003 Huaian, China
3Faculty of Agriculture, Damanhour University, Damanhour, Egypt

Horticulture Research 6,
Article number: 19069 (2019)
doi: 10.1038/hortres.2019.69
Views: 211

Received: 21 Nov 2018
Revised: 04 Feb 2019
Accepted: 27 Mar 2019
Published online: 01 Jun 2019


Carrots (Daucus carota365bet官网网投 L.), among the most important root vegetables in the Apiaceae family, are cultivated worldwide. The storage root is widely utilized due to its richness in carotenoids, anthocyanins, dietary fiber, vitamins and other nutrients. Carrot extracts, which serve as sources of antioxidants, have important functions in preventing many diseases. The biosynthesis, metabolism, and medicinal properties of carotenoids in carrots have been widely studied. Research on hormone regulation in the growth and development of carrots has also been widely performed. Recently, with the development of high-throughput sequencing technology, many efficient tools have been adopted in carrot research. A large amount of sequence data has been produced and applied to improve carrot breeding. A genome editing system based on CRISPR/Cas9 was also constructed for carrot research. In this review, we will briefly summarize the origins, genetic breeding, resistance breeding, genome editing, omics research, hormone regulation, and nutritional composition of carrots. Perspectives about future research work on carrots are also briefly provided.